Cube 2.0

While in Quarantine, i had time to think about, how the case could be improved.
So thats why i already finished Version 2.0 of this.
Here are some Renders of it:

My thoughts were:

  • SFX PSU compatibility, as a larger PSU wouldnt be needed anyway
  • more space for cooling, in my Case the large AF Scythe Mugen 5 cooler i had laying around from my previous case (Lian Li A05B)
  • better airflow – which kind of got destroyed by my idea of keeping the Case Cube-like and small
  • This time: include the Front-IO Ports to the Offside

For this, i cut out the PSU from under the Motherboard, lowered the Tray as far as i could and keeping openings for Airflow underneath.
I redesigned the Backside – which until now is the biggest Problem, as I dont know yet, if the Parts will fill as good as they did before redesigning.
Furthermore I designed a custom Adapter for the PSU mounted to the Offside of the Case.

Things to keep in mind:

  • wont fit a 25mm Fan in Front, if the GPU is longer than 280-ish mm.
  • Aiflow is probably pretty bad, but still better then the old case, as Air may now flow in a line across the Parts, instead of only being pushed on the Motherboard and then pushed out the Back and sucked out from the Front Fan.

Cube 1.0

I finally completed the case. Here are some photos and later on, a video of the whole assembly process.

Here are also some Photos of the Case with my Arduino Powered LED-Strip inside.

I also installed dust filters to the front and bottom fan as well as the GPU-side.

But I need to find a better way to keep the GPU from pushing against my dust filter, than using some small 3d-printed screw-caps i “stole” from another project.

As this is some weeks done already, i also got an SFX-PSU and printed a small adapter-frame for it. Now the case is way less cluttered and lighter.
I also changed the orientation of the Front Fan to pull air out of the case, which lowered the temps by a whooping 5 degrees (Celsius!).

Welcome to my Homepage/Webshop


I´m Jannes, I live in Germany and welcome to my website!

In Germany the SFF-Community is still pretty small and shipping SFF-Cases from America to Germany is costly and slow, I thought, why not make my own SFF-Case and get to know CAD-Programs while at it.

So with the help of some people online, I overhauled a 3D-Printed and Laser-Cut SFF PC Case design by Gunnar Bjorkman.
Special Thanks to him for the basis:

After altering Gunnars design, having to change some of the imperial measurements and wanting to change the others to the metric system, i ended up with my own design. I kept the general aesthetics and mounting systems.
As i wanted to upgrade my hardware soon to, I extended the case, did my own airflow-cutouts and built some options to choose from.

With the finished design at hand, I got the idea of selling this online.
So i got back into Webdesign and found WordPress and WooCommerce, which made it easy to set up a website – and here we are now!

This will be a growing Website where I may host some other products for friends of mine, but back to the Case at hand:


Next, I´ll be printing the corners and cutting the acrylic panels and after weeks of waiting and fine tuning the case, finally assemble the case!

I´ll post photos and videos of the assembly here.